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Wern Jie Limor Lim Wern Jie


Wern Jie. Currently 16. Nothing much. High school student. App Developer (since 2015). Programmer. Pianist. Video Producer. Science. Maths. Music. Electronics. Robotics. Technology.

C, C++, Swift, Java, Python, Bash, VBS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Prefers Unix or GNU/Linux based operating systems.

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FAQ through this contact form:

– What do you use to program?

I use the official IDEs for programming applications and software. For example, Xcode is the official IDE for iOS and Android Studio is the official IDE for Android, so I prefer to use them for developing mobile apps.

– Which programming languages do you use?

Similar to the previous question, I prefer to use the language that is designed for the target platform, e.g. Swift for iOS.

– How and where you learnt to program?

It’s pretty simple actually, Google (or any search engine) and StackOverflow are pretty useful sites for picking up new information regarding programming. These sites are used by almost any other person who is doing software development in the industry.