Autumn Breeze | 秋のそよ風 [Artwork]

Titled Autumn Breeze, this e-watercolour painting features the portrait of a fictional girl standing under (and slightly in front of) a tree branch with autumn leaves. She appears to be fidgeting with her long, brown hair with her left hand, while leaves fall and flow with subtle winds blowing to her right. Wearing a red-white T-shirt with denim shorts, her right hand holds a purse-like item, while looking slightly off to her right. She also has a Yuzu Tofu plush toy on her head.

Random drawings like this are an example of something that happens when excessive stress from school workload, exams, and the need to continue maintaining my apps, all overwhelm me.

Hopefully this third attempt of drawing and painting a character should be a significant improvement over previous attempts.

Also, featuring Yuzu Tofu from the Hannari Tofu series. Not sponsored, I just find it cute, and other tofus may appear too :)

2 thoughts on “Autumn Breeze | 秋のそよ風 [Artwork]”

  1. Wow cool art

    btw just asking, how do you create website like this? What language do you use? Do you need to create the front end and back end? New to coding btw :p

    1. Thank you!

      You can create a website with no programming experience such as with WordPress or Wix. Though more advanced functionality, such as the custom front-page of this site and customisation beyond what theming provides would require some front-end and back-end knowledge, and possibly a dedicated server if you also want to have more control or to create custom web-apps.

      You can always go the “create a site from scratch” route, which is entirely possible and would require making the front-end and back-end yourself. The language used is not that important, anything that allows you to serve a site would do.

      Hope this explains a bit! Do contact me over private message if you need more pointers.

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