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Monitor battery life with down-to-the-minute accuracy*!

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Warning: Battery level detection is incompatible with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 and will not operate correctly. This app has also been removed from the store while we work on this. Please do not perform calibrations on these new OS versions.

Developer: Wern
Latest Version: 1.2
Rating: ★★★★★ (4.3 stars)
Most Downloaded in: USA (est.)


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Battery Monitor, the most accurate battery life monitoring app on the App Store. With its simple battery life calibration, you can get estimations with down-to-the-minute accuracy (±1min)! It also have a handy widget to access estimations anywhere!

This app contains calibration for battery usage, battery charging time and much more, making it one of the most accurate on the App Store! Don’t download those clones you find everywhere, download this app now!

• ±1 min battery life accuracy*
• ±1 min charging time accuracy*
• Simple interface, easy to use
• iOS Widget for easy access
• One time battery calibration

Download and enjoy! :)

If you have any problems, feel free to contact

• Accuracy is based on a perfectly calibrated device, which is required for high accuracy. Your device’s accuracy may vary.

• Estimated values may sometimes progress up and down, but usually the first estimated value is the most accurate.

• Battery life time remaining means how long you can use your phone continuously, unless specified in calibration settings.

• This app’s charging speed calibration is currently only optimised for iPhone. Charging time accuracy may vary on iPad.

• Even if the app doesn’t work as expected, you’ll still get is around ±10 mins accuracy, and is still one of the most accurate on the App Store.



If you have any problems or want to seek further queries, please send a feedback at the application feedback page instead.

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48 thoughts on “Battery Monitor”

  1. In pooooooll war Park im zweiten Weltkrieg sind wir auch schon im Internet haben und says:

    Mel oh IRS
    Die sind aber noch immer in meinem Büro oder wie viel Geld haben

  2. Is it really compatible with IPhone??? And it doesn’t show elapsed/remain time correctly. How to solve?

    1. Hi Marcus,

      The app is compatible with iPhone, but is built for an older version of iOS. You’ll also need to calibrate the app before the time estimates are correct.

      There is a known issue where modern iPhones (like the 14 series) can last very light usage with 0% apparent battery drain, making the app fail to calibrate. In this case, a workaround is after starting the calibration, monitor the percentage and wait until the percentage drops before you open the app notification that your calibration is complete.

      Future updates are planned to update for newer widget formats and features.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Can your app notify me when the battery reaches a low threshold so I know when it’s time to charge it? Likewise, can it notify me when it reaches a preset charge level so I know it needs to be unplugged? Thanks

    1. Hi there,

      I may consider them in a future update, though not guaranteed as iOS does not necessarily allow such background tracking.

      Hope this answers your question!

  4. Hello,

    My name is Orel and you don’t know me yet. I am an entrepreneur in the apps industry.
    I came across your app Battery Monitor App and was intrigued. I am looking for interesting apps to buy and yours may fit.
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  5. Please do not have the app say “unplugged” when the phone is actively charging from an apple
    magnetically attaced battery

    it should say “charging” when it is actively charging. The apple indicator is too small. that’s why I got your app. I like to be sure it’s charging when I add on the battery

    Thank you
    iphone 14 pro

  6. O aplicativo é muito bom mas deveria ter a tradução para português isso chamaria mais pessoal a baixar e também me ajudaria porque eu não falo inglês

  7. I just downloaded the app so far so good i don’t know is it just because I just recently got an iPad for my birthday i download the app as I use technology quite a bit so what better way i’m downloading the app

  8. Excellent simple no fuss app. I’d move it from 98/100 to 100/100 if it also sent notifications when the battery was down to xx% charge, or, when charging, has reached yy %.

  9. Hi wern jie I’m currently experiencing visual issues due my legal blindness is there any chance you can add the voice prompts

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Battery Monitor supports VoiceOver, which is your device’s system-wide screen reader that effectively provides voice prompts for every compatible app on your device.

      Hope this helps! If you meant to refer to some other behaviour, do let me know.

  10. Awesome app! Thank you! I was actually searching for an app that can report whether my iPad Pro is charging at 5V or 9V. The iPad Pro comes with a 20W power adapter, which supports either voltage. But now I want to confirm that my portable power bank is delivering a high rate. It also offers 9V but at 2.5A.

    Are voltage and amperage something that you can add to the app?

    1. Hi Ken,

      Thank you for the feedback! I might be able to include the wattage the phone is charging at via charging speed calculations in a future update, but probably not the voltage and amperage separately. This is because iOS and iPadOS do not expose these values to apps, and thus I’m not able to gather these data officially other than calculating them myself.

      Hope this clarifies!

  11. Wern Jie,

    If this is what you do as a high school student, you have an amazing future ahead. Thank you for this app— it is the best I have seen.


    Dr. Francis Zanger

    Sᴇᴀᴛᴛʟᴇ, Wᴀsʜɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ, USA

  12. Tnx bro! As they say, “simple is best!” Nice & user-friendly especially to a 72 y/oldie like me. Haha. Tnx again. Keep up the good work. And keep safe. Godblesyu.

  13. I want alerts when an app is draining my battery. Like today, I realized Facebook has used up 33% of my battery! If an app is using more than 1.5% per minute in foreground or 0.5% in background, it should immediately alert me.

  14. I switched my battery from a 2900 mA hour to a 3500 mA hour is the calibration going to compensate for this bigger battery? iPhone 7plus
    Nice app……

    1. Hi John,

      The app should be able to compensate for the changes if you perform the calibration process again after changing your battery.

      Thanks for using the app!

    1. Hi there,

      What do you mean the app doesn’t work? It doesn’t do anything other than showing your battery level and predicted time remaining. It doesn’t really have work to do.

    1. Hi Roy,

      The calibrate section of the app allows you to calibrate the app’s calculations of the time remaining till battery reaches a certain stage (for example, calibrating the time estimated for the battery to drain).

      Tapping on “Battery Usage Time Remaining” for example, will allow you to start a calibration of the calculated time of how long can your battery last. It simply measures the amount of percentage drop (when your battery is within the range of 60%-40%) while you use your phone and estimates the rate of battery drainage, which then updates the calculation of the time in the large “xh xm” counter in the main screen of the app to your usage. This process is pretty accurate and if calibrated properly, is able to yield accuracies of within ±1 minute, where your phone will run out of battery almost exactly as stated by the app.

      Hope this helps! :)

  15. Hi,
    Is there a Way to see which apps that are using power?
    I have a problem with drainage and it would be Nice to see If a particular app drained in the background .
    Best stef

    1. Hi there,

      Due to iOS limitations, the app cannot help determine which apps are using too much power. However, you can go to iOS Settings > Battery > Battery Usage and you can see which apps are using the most power on your phone.

      Hope this helps! :)

  16. Love the app so far, but the clock seems to be off somehow, possibly due to Daylight Savings?

    For instance, I’m in Philadelphia EST, time is 10:54am, and app says it will be fully charged in 3 minutes at 11:57am, but it should say at 10:57am. .

    iOS 11.1.2 iPod Touch 6th Gen

    1. Maybe I didn’t allow it time to calibrate. Now it is saying it will be another 52 minutes trickle charging by 11:51am, which is correctly 52 minutes from now.
      So it looks like it is working. I’ll reply to this post if I see a clock error again.

      1. Hmm… Based on your reply, this looks like an error with the “hour” part of the calculation, since you said it now states “11:51am”. Hence, I can conclude the 11:57am you previously saw is probably the correct calculation while the “0h 3m” is wrong. For now, you may rely on the time rather than the minutes and hours while I fix this issue.

        Thanks again for reporting about this! :)

  17. Love it and the best app I’ve downloaded so far and I tested a few dozens of them and this is just simple and great
    One issue though not optimised for iPhone X
    Pls do it asap
    Eagerly waiting…..