Calculator Plus

A lightweight standard + scientific calculator app.

Calculator Plus – Standard & Scientific Calculator

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Price: Free

Developer: Wern Jie
Latest Version: 1.0
Rating: ★★★★★ (4.5 stars)
Programmed in: Swift
Most Downloaded in: USA (est.)



Calculator+ is a scientific calculator that not only could calculate almost any operation, it can also give you a simplification of the answer*, calculate copied operations, and much more!

With Calculator+, you can type in a lengthy calculation and the app will tell you the answer without a hassle. If your friend ever asked you to answer a math question, you can just copy the question and paste in the app!

– Standard & Scientific Calculator
– Answer Simplification*
– Paste Copied Operations
– Type Long Operations
– No Ads

If you have or find any problems, feel free to contact me at

*Might not work in overly complex operations.


If you have any problems or want to seek further queries, please send a feedback at the application feedback page instead. I tend to check messages sent there more often than the comments section, so you’ll get faster replies as well.


40 thoughts on “Calculator Plus”

  1. I have used your calculator app for many years now. It has performed extremely well. It is simple and powerful.
    Can you tell me how to limit the answers to 3 decimal places.
    Kind regards Basil

    1. Hi Curtis,

      The app you’re commenting on is Calculator Plus, which isn’t designed to store your personal data. Are you referring to Personal Diary?

      If so, do contact me via email directly from within the Personal Diary app, and I’d be happy to assist you further.

  2. There is a bug, the app crashes if you press mr and mc in sequence (with nothing in memory). Can you please fix it ? Thanks.

    1. Hi Neel,

      To do that, for example 5 minus -3, you can type something like “5-(-3)” exactly, including brackets, and it’ll spit out the answer “8”.

      Hopefully this helps! :)

  3. Standard calculator displays but can’t switch to,or access the scientific calculator. No setup option showing or change view or any other option accessible. How to access extended functions?

    1. Hi Ettore,

      To view the scientific calculator, just rotate your phone to landscape mode while using the app. Make sure to turn off Portrait Orientation Lock in control centre as well if the app does not auto-rotate.

      Can you try that?

  4. Thanks for developing and distributing this free of charge Wern Jie. I’m impressed you used Swift.
    But how do I use it to calculate the cube root of -80538738812075974? This is one if the variables in the proof for the Diophantine equation k=42.

  5. I paid 99 cents for this app because you claim I can paste in a calculation to be performed in the app. Well, it can’t even do this correctly: 139,030 + 59,557 + 820,133. It gives me 133 for the answer.

    1. Hi there,

      This app is free of charge, so you shouldn’t have paid for the app.

      Unfortunately, it seems to have a bug with handling commas, but I’ll fix it in a future release. For now, please refrain from copying content formatted with commas.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Very good app. I like the fractions feature. Keyboard appears very similar to the calculator app on the iPhone, however there does not appear to be a +/- feature to reverse a positive answer to negative or vice versa. Is there a way to do this without using the memory in landscape orientation as a scientific calculator?

    1. Hi Alex,

      Can you make sure you did not enable “Rotation Lock”? That will lock the rotation of your phone to portrait mode, causing the app to not rotate to landscape for the scientific view.

      If you do, try turning Rotation Lock off and try again.

      Does this work?

      1. It does. Thank you. Now I seem to be stuck in a mode of fractions instead of decimals but I will figure it out

        1. Hi Alex,

          You can disable fractions (answer simplification) by tapping the answer and selecting “Don’t Simplify Answer”. This will force the app to display calculations in decimal form.

          Hopefully this helps!

  7. Love the simplicity and a free, no-ads app. Great work. Any chance you can allow the app to show an icon in the Control Center for quick access to it?

    1. Hi,

      As of iOS 12, adding an icon to the Control Center is not supported. I’ll try to add quick access to areas around iOS if possible.

      Glad you liked the app!

  8. It’s a nice app but why are percentages broken? It won’t let me just type a simple percentage subtraction, eg. 100-10% on your app equals 99.9?

    1. Hi Adam,

      This app is designed for accuracy in representing equations mathematically, and “percentage subtraction” isn’t actually a valid mathematical operation. What happens when you attempt to do so is that since 10% is equal to 0.1 when directly converting percentage to decimal, 100 – 10% = 99.9. I presume what your looking for to deduct 10% from 100 is to do:

      100 x (100% – 10%) = 90

      Hope this helps!

  9. It is worth it to leave a rating and comment for providing a needed app without ads. Thank you. I use this almost everyday. Only wish the viewing bar was white instead of black background, to make it more pleasant to see.

  10. Thank you. That’s all–no demands. You definitely deserve to know that We appreciate your hard work and generosity. I don’t know if Karma truly exists, but I hope so, and I believe that you must have wonderful things in your future.

  11. Thanks very much for this simple version for iPad calculator.
    I experienced many apps of calculator for my iPad ,but finally I liked this one for its simplicity so I cancelled all but this one.
    Here I asked you to improve it and below my notes:-
    1. When we in (DEG) mode the button shows rad, so you had better to show DEG or RAD .
    2. Add more mathematical calculations.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards.

    1. Hi Adnan,

      Thank you for the suggestion.

      I’ll try to include features as you have stated in future versions of the app.

      Glad you liked it!

      Wern Jie

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