Pushing to Production on a Friday

TL;DR: Do not ever do that (or whatever that’s equivalent), unless you’re willing to face potentially serious consequences like I did. Or at least, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Sit back, and relax. It’s going to be a long read.

If you’ve seen the large number of jokes about programming online, you would know that pushing an update on a Friday, or any day before taking a few days off for that matter, is highly risky. You’re making the bold assumption that your software will function just fine as soon as it’s onto your user’s hands. If one’s lucky, users would never notice anything has changed, aside from any possible UI changes said software may have. However, we are humans, and humans make mistakes. We aren’t perfect robots being able to code a perfect piece of software every single time… well at least at the time of writing, robots can’t write software yet. Bugs will slip by, regardless of how much QA and testing you’ve done with software. If it’s a serious issue, congrats! Anger is what users go by, contacting support, writing reviews till you can’t leave your chair.

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This website is now running on HTTPS!

Yay! Since this website is using HTTPS, all communication with this website is now encrypted. You can now browse this website safely. When a website is using HTTPS, it means that the connection between your device and that site is private and encrypted, therefore people around you (e.g., those on the same WiFi network, or if you are using an unprotected WiFi network) won’t be able to easily intercept and tamper with what you do on the site.

Hence, your email and user data, if submitted via feedback forms or comment sections on this site, cannot be intercepted by anybody. They might notice that you’re browsing “wernjie.com”, but other than that, they cannot read the traffic between your computer and this site, and thus they will not be able to seize your user data or determine which post are you reading here.

Furthermore, you won’t get that annoying “Not Secure” notification on the url/search bar any longer while visiting this website, which is displayed on most major browsers when going to an http-only site.

Note that if you are on a compromised WiFi network, security benefits of HTTPS may not help.

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Smart Robotic Cleaner

Youtube Video:

Hey there! Here’s a cool robot I’ve just developed.

Smart Rero Cleaner is the most intelligent cleaning robot ever! With just two taps¹, you are able to fully clean a room in no time, no work needed! And no, this is not some kind of joke robot that bangs everywhere mindlessly, it can actually “see” and remember how your room looks like! Because of that, it even knows exactly where it is in your house at any given time, and never misses a spot to clean! And it even returns to its original location after cleaning! Cool, eh?

Please like & share to support this project (using either social media platforms, clicking on the like & share button on respective videos), thanks! (psst, its for a competition)

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V.C.O.D. Wheelchair (Voice Controlled OmniDirectional Wheelchair)


Voice Controlled OmniDirectional Wheelchair, as the name suggests, it is possibly the first wheelchair to be able to move in an infinite amount of directions and controlled using voice commands. It is built with Rero and Lego, along with a mobile phone for transcribing your voice to beeps, which the robot’s brain (Rero Controller) can understand.

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How to hide apps on an iOS 7/8/9 device without jailbreaking

Here’s how to hide apps on a iOS 8 device without jailbreaking.

Everyone knows that hiding apps aren’t available on iOS, but a bug/glitch could help you hide any apps on your device.

Before you start, make sure you have a page filled with apps and a folder on the dock. After that, you can start choosing the apps you want to hide. Transfer all of them into the only folder on the dock.

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How to create nested folders (folder in folder) on an iOS 7/8 device without jailbreaking

Creating nested folders, or a folder in a folder, is a bug/glitch that existed on iOS 7 & iOS 8 . This article will show you how to nest folders (create a folder in a folder) in just a few easy steps.

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How to block advertisements on an iOS device system-wide without jailbreaking

I believed most people hates advertisements. Although advertising for someone makes money, but most of the time, many advertisements pop up or takes up your screen, and you know, for some reason, you may get kind of mad. So, here’s a quick tutorial how to block advertisements on your device system-wide, well, sort of.

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How to transfer files from a USB Drive to an iPad without jailbreaking

Update as of 2019:

Apple has released iPadOS which now supports USB drive reading natively! All you need is a USB-C/Lightning to USB-A adapter and you’re good to go using the new Files app.


In this modern era, why isn’t there a way to transfer files from a USB drive to an iPad without jailbreaking? Fortunately, there is a workaround to import files to the iPad.

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