EZ Ruler

EZ Ruler – Point, Tap, Measure. Simple.

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Price: Free

Developer: Wern Jie
Version: 1.0 (Sep 19)
Programmed using: Swift + ARKit
Requirements: iOS 11 or later, iOS device with A9 chip or later.

Video Demo (Prototype 0.1):


Point, tap, measure. It’s that simple. Literally. No calibration needed.

The new way to measure. Just take your phone out,  launch the app, point at the object, press & hold the volume button, point at the end point, release the volume button and boom! You got the measurement! Easy huh?

Don’t believe me? This technology is so amazingly accurate at 98% accuracy, it blows your mind, like literally.

YOU NEED to download the app to see it for your self. That’s why it’s free!


Accuracy = 98%. Inaccuracies only occur from user error on placing measurement points.

Try it out at https://www.wernjie.com/beta-testing/

2 thoughts on “EZ Ruler”

  1. how does this work, u can get distance of your camera with the object then use pythagorean theorem to calculate the distance????????

  2. Hi I also want to make android version of this app, but i have no idea on how to start it, can u give me some advise what should i study for android

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