How to block advertisements on an iOS device system-wide without jailbreaking

I believed most people hates advertisements. Although¬†advertising for someone makes money, but most of the time, many advertisements pop up or takes up your screen, and you know, for some reason, you may get kind of mad. So, here’s a quick tutorial how to block advertisements on your device system-wide, well, sort of.

Before we start, make sure you have:

  • An iOS device with iOS 7.1 or later
  • Adblockerapp (Free on the app store)

And one more thing……this works only when you are connected to a WIFI connection.

Ok, you should have Adblockerapp installed on your device by now, so let’s start by opening the app. It should show you a setup page. If not, tap on the setup button on the bottom centre. This is how it looks like:

Next, just copy the URL and follow the instructions. The URL is actually unique for each device that works with your customizations. First, open Settings and select Wifi. Now it says you need to select your network. It sounds odd but actually, it means connect to a Wifi connection and select the info button to the right.

Now, scroll all the way down until you find a text called “HTTP PROXY”. Select “Auto”. Paste the URL you’ve just copied and presto! you’re done!


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