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Personal Diary – Simple Diary / Journal / Note app

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Price: Free

Developer: Wern Jie
Latest Version: 2.4.3
Rating: ★★★★★ (4.4 stars)
Programmed in: Swift
Most Downloaded in: UK (est.)



“When all you want is the digital equivalent of a paper diary, this is the perfect one.” – goyyboy

“[…] Exactly what I needed […]” – (multiple reviews)

“Good and accessible with VoiceOver” – Allan.summers

Never write a diary because of the inconvenience to do that?
Afraid that someone will peek into your diary?
Unable to attach images into your diary?
Just need a simple & easy to use diary?

“Personal Diary” is an app that solves the above problems. Easily access all your entries in all your devices with iCloud Sync. You can write diary entries without worrying that someone will peek at what you wrote, with passcode protection and Touch ID lock. You can also import as many photos as you wish into your entries. As an addition, you can set your mood and also the weather.

– Numeric passcode lock
– Unlock using Touch ID or Face ID
– Simple & Easy to use
– iCloud Sync
– Smart Search
– Ability to pick a mood
– Ability to choose the weather of the day
– Import photos to your entries
– Auto-saves as you type
– Select a theme
– Dark Mode for better night use
– Fully supports iOS 9+ Split Over & Split View Multitasking
– Fully supports VoiceOver
– Fully supports external keyboard
– No Ads! :D

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of Personal Diary by leaving a review on the App Store! Reviews and ratings help and let other users find this app. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to send a feedback; I might be able to help! :)

Version History:

Version 2.4.1 ~ 2.4.3

This minor update:
– fixes an issue which prevents you to scroll to another area while keyboard is displayed.
– fixes an issue which causes the text cursor to jump to the end when editing an entry and not to start at where you have tapped.
– fixes user interface which does not reference Touch ID & Face ID properly.
– improved user interface when in the locked state.
– slightly improved the responsiveness of the app.
– v2.4.2 fixes an issue caused by v2.4.1 to not allow users to turn on or turn off Touch ID/Face ID.
– v2.4.3 fixes an issue caused by v2.4.2 where the “2” is replaced with “z…e” in the password field, which causes multiple users not being able to enter the app.

Version 2.4

Welcome to this new update of Personal Diary 2.4!

This new update has *so little* new features you won’t even notice. (*NO* easter eggs included)

Just download this update and you will see *nothing* new, not even faster performance, bug fixes, slight UI changes, improvements to entries created in the same day, new messages pop up and under the hood improvements. And *NO* compatibility with any new iPhone such as the iPhone X.

ps: – disclaimer, it’s the opposite.

Okay enough jokes, you should understand what’s added by now. By the way, I’m still developing an [export] functionality into the app due to multiple user requests, and it will be released in version 2.5 once ready. Stay tuned!

Version 2.3

Personal Diary 2.3 is a great release! What’s new?
– New Dark Mode!
(Dark Mode auto-enables in extreme low-light)
– Better interface redesign!
(Don’t worry, they’re just minor)
– Now with 25 different moods!
– Now with 10 different weather options!
– Added no mood & weather option.
– Improved Smart Search.
– #hashtags, “quotes” now supported!
– New Recovery Mode.
– Password Recovery.
– Data Loss Diagnostics tool.
– “Distress” email to developer.
– Adjustments to entry preview to show more data.
– Added the ability to turn off iCloud.
– Additional themes included.
– Improved VoiceOver compatibility.
– Minor bug fixes.

There, most features that you all requested are now here, plus some extras, too! Don’t worry, these features don’t disrupt the simplicity of the app, all of them are hidden away in the Settings menu or are automatically turned on.

*Note that some features requires iOS 9 and later to function properly.

Version 2.2

What’s New In This Version:

iCloud Sync:
– View & edit your entries from all your devices!
– No difference in app performance
– Pull to refresh entries in iCloud
– Entries stored in the cloud=Data Safe

Smart Search:
– Easily search keywords, dates, mood & more!

Numeric Passcode:
– 0/4/6/x-digit passcode can now be set.
– Press ‘Done’ to enter password and access entries; instead of auto complete after typing 4 digits. This is for higher security.

Images Auto-Popup:
– Auto-pops-up images if there’re attached.

Minor bug fixes
– [FIXED] Settings Not Saving Properly
– [FIXED] Occasional crashes

Keyboard shortcuts now supported
VoiceOver improvements & fixes

Version 2.1

– Icon redesigned
– Fixed a bug where entries would disappear.
– Password is renamed as passcode.
– You can now search entries.
– Added the ability to change font size.
– Added the ability to change date format displayed.
– App performance improvements.
– App launches faster than ever.
– Added some weather icons.
– Date now reflects to your current region format.

Version 2.0

– More moods to choose from
– You can now import photos into your entries
– Ability to select a theme
– New full screen editing mode (Optional)
– Improved auto-saving
– Various bug fixes
– Slight design modifications

Version 1.0

– First Release



If you have any problems or want to seek further queries, please send a feedback at the application feedback page instead. You could be anonymous if you want.

76 thoughts on “Personal Diary”

      1. Thanks for your response, I do have the app. If I lose my iPad how do I access the backup in iCloud?

        1. Hi Ken,

          The backup is accessible by downloading Personal Diary on any other iOS device signed in to the same iCloud account. It will automatically be synced to that device once the app is opened.

          As of now, there isn’t a method to access the data other than using an iOS device with Personal Diary installed.

          1. I’m sorry I’m not making myself clear, l have Personal Diary installed on my iPad, it is synced to my iCloud account.
            How do I access my diary data in iCloud? Where is it ?
            Sorry to be so dense, not too IT savvy.
            Thanks Ken

          2. Hi Ken,

            Sorry, it is not possible to manually access the data via iCloud (i.e. it is hidden), only the Personal Diary app can read that data in your iCloud account.

            Hope this helps! :)

          3. Ok I get that. So I guess if this pad crashes I reload the diary app on another device. Will my old data be reloaded?
            While thinking about your app, it would be useful to be able to print diary data. ( another form of backup)

          4. Hi Ken,

            Yes, you got that right. The old data will be downloaded onto the other device with Personal Diary installed.

            Thank you for your feedback. I’ll add printing functionality into a future version of the app as many users have requested. :)

  1. I have been using your diary for some time but have just encountered a problem. The message that comes up is ‘there is an error when saving’ and it then freezes on me and I can’t get back to my entries or the time line. I am working on an iPad with OS 11.2.6. Please can you advise me what to do.

    1. Hi,

      After our conversation in email, I’ll take that this issue has been resolved.

      Thank you for using Personal Diary!

      If you have any problems, feel free to contact me again.

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