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Price: Free

Developer: Wern Jie
Latest version: 2.5.11 (iOS)
Latest beta: 2.5.11 (iOS, macOS)
Rating: ★★★★★ (4.5 stars)
Supports iOS, iPadOS, watchOS.
Programmed in: Swift
Most Downloaded in: UK (est.)



“When all you want is the digital equivalent of a paper diary, this is the perfect one.” – goyyboy

“[…] Exactly what I needed […]” – (multiple reviews)

“Good and accessible with VoiceOver” – Allan.summers

Never write a diary because of the inconvenience to do that?
Afraid that someone will peek into your diary?
Unable to attach images into your diary?
Just need a simple & easy to use diary?

Personal Diary is an app that solves the above problems. It’s completely free with no advertisements and limitations. Easily access all your entries in all your devices with iCloud Sync. You can write diary entries without worrying that someone will peek at what you wrote, with passcode & biometric protection. Forgot about your diary? The app will now ‘summon’ you back a friendly nudge. You can also import as many photos as you wish into your entries. As an addition, you can set your mood and also the weather.

Notable Features:
– Numeric passcode lock (any number of digits).
– Unlock using Touch ID or Face ID.
– Auto-saves as you type.
– Simple & Easy to use.
– iCloud Sync.
– Smart Search.
– Ability to pick a mood.
– Ability to choose the weather of the day.
– Mood & Weather can be automatically chosen.
– Import photos to your entries.
– Select a theme.
– Dark Mode for better night use.
– Fully supports iPad Multitasking Features.
– Fully supports external keyboard.
– Fully supports VoiceOver.
– Simple Rich Text editing supported.
– iPhone X, XS, XR series supported.
– New iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ supported.
– Apple Watch app supported on all models (Series 0-4).
– Siri Shortcuts and Integration (experimental).
– Fully functional non-stripped down version of Apple Watch app.
– FlickType keyboard integration in the Apple Watch app, allowing for a faster and more convenient typing experience on your wrist. (version 2.4.27 and later)
– iPhone X, XS, XR series supported.
– New iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ supported.
– Apple Watch app supports all models, Series 0-4.
– Daily Notifications for writing in your diary.
– NO Ads & absolutely FREE! :D

PS: Some features may not available on the Apple Watch. All features for editing and viewing all your entries such as the Timeline are fully supported except for images.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of Personal Diary by leaving a review on the App Store! Reviews and ratings help and let other users find this app. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to send a feedback; I might be able to help! :)

Version History:

Version 2.4.27
– Added support for the award winning FlickType keyboard on the Personal Diary Apple Watch app. You can now create entries faster than ever before and with ease, all from your Apple Watch! *Read more below.
– You can now modify a portion of an entry or continue writing an entry that you’ve made in the past, without replacing the text completely from scratch. (Only supported with the FlickType keyboard)
– Hopefully I fixed the issue where on some devices you may keep encountering the message “Apologies for the crash” even when the app never crashed.
– Slightly increased maximum font size supported.
– Some other small glitches which hopefully you never noticed are fixed.*FlickType keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard right on your Apple Watch, which is designed to be faster than scribbling, or dictating then correcting errors manually. You do not need to press the letters exactly where they are, FlickType will do the magic of figuring what you typed for you! Note that for now, it only supports English.If you have any issues, feel free to contact me via email. Hope you enjoy using the app!

Version 2.4.26
– This update contains a quick bug fix which should fix the issue where some users were not able to properly import images from their Photo Library.

Version 2.4.25

– App icon and some parts of the app’s interface has been updated.
– Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts not functioning correctly.
– Importing images should now be (almost) instantaneous.
– Imported images now uses the format of the image imported, so PNG/JPEG settings will be discontinued.
– Fixed a bug where the app crashes if you attempted to refresh diary data while the data is being refreshed.
– Fixes some small bugs when swiping between entries in the Entry view.
– Fixed some other minor internal issues.

Version 2.4.24

– Fixes an issue with Chinese, Japanese characters etc not being able to be typed normally within the app. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
– Adds haptic feedback for the bounce back when you attempt to swipe left or right to another entry in the Entry view, but there are no more entries to view in that direction.
– Theme text color in the top bar & status bar text color should now match. Some themes were messed up previously.

Version 2.4.23

This release adds some features and fixes a few bugs.

– Font formatting now supported. You can now use Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough and Hyperlinks in your entries. Some of these formatting features may have limitations in iOS 11 and older, e.g. the inability to use Bold and Italics at the same time in these older OSes.
– Exporting features are now out of experimental phase. Easily export your entire journal as a PDF file, or with its raw data packaged into a zip file.
– 3D Touch functionality is now supported. Peek and pop in the Timeline, and force press the app icon to quickly create a new entry within the app.
– Added the ability to see local storage utilised by your Diary data. Note that if you’ve selected to store data on iCloud, this only shows the total data occupied by all your diary contents that are downloaded locally
– Fixes an issue with the Apple Watch app where the app will get stuck in the Syncing stage.
– Temporarily removed the ability to sync all data to the watch and currently limited to only 30 entries plus anything created on the watch.
– Fixes some animation glitches within the Entry editing view, so you’ll now feel more satisfied when editing the entries.
– Improved the algorithm behind the Dynamic Text Size feature in the Timeline, which should slightly improve scrolling performance.
– Slightly improved how search results are presented.
– Fixes issues regarding low storage space and added warnings when you’ve low storage space.

Version 2.4.22

This new release is an attempt to fix the crashes in which 0.1% of users are experiencing all the time for no reason, and a reinstall of the app will fixes the issue for these users. Do inform me if this still hasn’t fixed the issue but going into Safe mode and contacting me.

Version 2.4.20 ~ 2.4.21
Hey there! I’ve included a few amazing functionalities in this update. Notably:

– Apple Watch Support! The complete version of Personal Diary including your entire Timeline and every single aspect of an entry can be created and/or modified directly on your watch (okay, maybe not complete because you can’t add or view images yet, but support will be coming soon!). Comes with automatic mood & weather selection as well (which can be overridden directly on your watch), and your settings will be mirrored from the Personal Diary app on your iPhone.

*Apple Watch app usage requires “Allow data access on your Apple Watch app” to be enabled on the iPhone app.

– Printing & Export To PDF Support! You can now export an individual entry or all of your Personal Diary data for printing or just for archiving your data.

And other random updates like:

– The new iPad Pros & iOS 12.1 are now supported as well!
– The App Store Screenshots are updated to make them more interesting. ;)
– Notifications now allow you to directly select “Create New Entry” (by 3D touching the notification) and instantly jump into a new entry within the app and start writing.

And some bug fixes:
– Fixed random animation glitches when deleting an entry.
– Removed animations for users on iOS 9 due to an animation glitch that only occurs persistently on iOS 9.
– Fixed bugs regarding the app not detecting a new iCloud sign in properly and therefore would not display iCloud content until an app refresh is performed.

Version 2.4.19
What’s this update? New features added, while most bugs should be squashed. Hopefully they don’t reproduce.

– Killed a bug where the Timeline just decides not to chronologically sort your entries and jumble up your entries if you’ve modified the dates so that it isn’t referring to ‘now’, until you summon it to reload by pulling down to refresh.
– Squashed a bug causing the app to be stubborn and nag you to write in your diary even if you have already written earlier.
– Annihilated a bug that made the app be lazy and not want to automatically select the latest weather as it can see from the sky, but rather just based on its memory, guesses the weather based on info a few hours to days ago.
– Removed a bug where hiding entry preview literally hides the preview of everything, i.e. it also hides whether or not an entry is downloaded.
– Added the ability to toggle whether to use randomness when notifications are sent.
– Adds more information to clarify when to expect a reply from me after sending an email.
– Adds a Tipping Jar for supporting the development of the app, since some of you are willing to do so. Thank you for supporting Personal Diary :)
– Slightly updated splash screen which now also indicates the version number of the app, and shows detailed loading progress of the app.
– Reordered some of the settings from within the app.
– Added random Easter eggs but I won’t tell you what are they. ;)

Version 2.4.17 – 2.4.18
– The app is now fully compatible with iOS 12 & the 2018 iPhone models.
– Added Experimental Siri Integration and Siri Shortcuts support.
– Fixes a bug where pressing the ‘+’ button to add an entry while searching causes a crash.
– Fixes an issue where scrolling very quickly causes lots of lag. Performance should now be improved. (Note that entries that are downloading may still hamper app and scrolling performance)
– Fixes a lag that occurs while swiping from the left edge in the editing view to go back to Timeline. It’s so smooth it’ll be so satisfying to swipe to go back to Timeline and watch your entries slide back in.
– Fixed an animation glitch where the image viewer panel in the editing view will initially display two headers titled “Images” as the panel loads.
– Fixes some issues with VoiceOver hints, and added support for AI functionality with VoiceOver.
– Fixes a bug when turning off “Allow Password Reset When Locked” will disallow password resets everywhere.
– Fixes some issues with disabling cloud storage (migrating your data from the cloud to local storage).
– Fixes an issue where notifications linger in the Notification Centre longer than it should be there.
– Fixes an issue where the Time Indicator in the Timeline just goes *poof*, and disappears.
– The fancy animations within the app now obey the “Reduce Motion” setting in iOS.
– The app now uses less power when “Low Power Mode” is enabled in iOS by disabling unnecessary animations, slowing down entry sync and reload, etc.
– More details about FAQs are added directly at the footer of the relevant menu.
– Added Safe Mode which can be enabled to bypass the usual routine of the app if it ever gets stuck in a crash loop.
– Adds randomness to when the notification is triggered by ±30 minutes so that you won’t be bored of it triggering exactly at the time you specified.

Version 2.4.15 – 2.4.16
– Adds iCloud disabling/sign out notification. The app now notifies you that your data stored on iCloud is inaccessible and how to fix the problem, as some users were confused as to why they cannot find data in the app after disabling iCloud.
– Increases maximum text size setting of the app for easier readability if needed.
– Some small updates to the AI Engine.
– Adds the ability to disable the ability to reset forgotten passwords when locked.
– Fixes an issue where the number 6 button on the password keypad has been replaced with “…” for some users.
– Eliminates all possible manners where the password keypad could possibly be corrupted in future versions.
– Fixes a security issue with the password reset tool.
– Improved verification process of the password reset tool.
– Fixes bugs with some settings not correctly applied.

Version 2.4.11 – 2.4.12

– Fixes a bug where excessive lag might occur everywhere within the app, either suddenly or immediately after a crash.
– Fixes a bug where pressing the “+” button to add an entry will take forever to load.
– Fixes a bug where performing a migration from iCloud to Local Storage could cause data loss if data is not completely downloaded.
– Includes new animations within the Timeline section.
– Adds support for swiping left or right to quickly flip between entries in the entry view.
– Day of the week (Sunday, Monday, etc.) is now also displayed in the Timeline if selected in Settings > Date Format.
– Adds the ability to clear app cache.
– Fixes a flaw that allows a user to tamper with downloading entries, causing the partially downloaded entries to be corrupted or to lose mood/weather data.
– Fixes an issue where an old version of an entry incorrectly auto-saves, possibly overriding a newer version.
– Fixes animation issues when entries from different years are visible on launch.
– Fixes animation issues when launching the app for users that don’t use a password.
– Relaxes the requirements for a password reset.
– Adds support for additional external keyboard shortcuts.

Version 2.4.7-2.4.10

These updates adds:
– Daily Diary Notifications

These updates fixes:
– a bug causing the app to crash for some users when entering into the Timeline section.
– an issue where turning on Face ID will cause the app to crash when relaunched
– an issue where passcodes are not properly saved.
– a bug causing some users to fail to login to the app after enabling diary notifications.

Version 2.4.6
A minor update? Nah. It’s fully packed with lots of features.

New Features (originally teased in the main release version 2.4):
– Auto Mood Selection
  – Selects the mood automatically based on what you wrote. The mood selection AI will improve overtime as more updates come along.
– Auto Weather Selection
  – Selects the weather automatically based on your current location (using GPS, or else via IP address tracking).
– Daily Feedback
  – Shows you a personal response (by an AI) after writing an entry. Requires auto mood selection as the AI is mainly influenced by the mood.

Feature Improvements:
– Reasons for a download error will now show up.
– Less aggressive rejection by the passcode recovery tool.
– VoiceOver hints improved.

Performance Improvements: (noticeable if you have lots of entries)
– Faster App Launch Times
– Faster Timeline loading times after first launch of the app.
– Eliminated the lag when entering the Timeline section.
– Reduced lag when multiple entries are downloading.

Bug fixes:
– Error messages will now not constantly pop up over what you are doing now which caused the inability to use the app in previous versions.

– Passcode protection will now persist even after deletion of the app. Note that other than the recovery tool, there will be no other way to enter the app except with your passcode starting from this version of the app.
– Since you all tend to report issues I can’t find, I’ve included the ability to send internal diagnostic information to me in order to diagnose the problem better.

Version 2.4.1 ~ 2.4.5

This minor update:
– fixes an issue which prevents you to scroll to another area while keyboard is displayed.
– fixes an issue which causes the text cursor to jump to the end when editing an entry and not to start at where you have tapped.
– fixes user interface which does not reference Touch ID & Face ID properly.
– improved user interface when in the locked state.
– slightly improved the responsiveness of the app.
– v2.4.2 fixes an issue caused by v2.4.1 to not allow users to turn on or turn off Touch ID/Face ID.
– v2.4.3 fixes an issue caused by v2.4.2 where the “2” is replaced with “z…e” in the password field, which causes multiple users not being able to enter the app.

Version 2.4

Welcome to this new update of Personal Diary 2.4!

This new update has *so little* new features you won’t even notice. (*NO* easter eggs included)

Just download this update and you will see *nothing* new, not even faster performance, bug fixes, slight UI changes, improvements to entries created in the same day, new messages pop up and under the hood improvements. And *NO* compatibility with any new iPhone such as the iPhone X.

ps: – disclaimer, it’s the opposite.

Okay enough jokes, you should understand what’s added by now. By the way, I’m still developing an [export] functionality into the app due to multiple user requests, and it will be released in version 2.5 once ready. Stay tuned!

Version 2.3

Personal Diary 2.3 is a great release! What’s new?
– New Dark Mode!
(Dark Mode auto-enables in extreme low-light)
– Better interface redesign!
(Don’t worry, they’re just minor)
– Now with 25 different moods!
– Now with 10 different weather options!
– Added no mood & weather option.
– Improved Smart Search.
– #hashtags, “quotes” now supported!
– New Recovery Mode.
– Password Recovery.
– Data Loss Diagnostics tool.
– “Distress” email to developer.
– Adjustments to entry preview to show more data.
– Added the ability to turn off iCloud.
– Additional themes included.
– Improved VoiceOver compatibility.
– Minor bug fixes.

There, most features that you all requested are now here, plus some extras, too! Don’t worry, these features don’t disrupt the simplicity of the app, all of them are hidden away in the Settings menu or are automatically turned on.

*Note that some features requires iOS 9 and later to function properly.

Version 2.2

What’s New In This Version:

iCloud Sync:
– View & edit your entries from all your devices!
– No difference in app performance
– Pull to refresh entries in iCloud
– Entries stored in the cloud=Data Safe

Smart Search:
– Easily search keywords, dates, mood & more!

Numeric Passcode:
– 0/4/6/x-digit passcode can now be set.
– Press ‘Done’ to enter password and access entries; instead of auto complete after typing 4 digits. This is for higher security.

Images Auto-Popup:
– Auto-pops-up images if there’re attached.

Minor bug fixes
– [FIXED] Settings Not Saving Properly
– [FIXED] Occasional crashes

Keyboard shortcuts now supported
VoiceOver improvements & fixes

Version 2.1

– Icon redesigned
– Fixed a bug where entries would disappear.
– Password is renamed as passcode.
– You can now search entries.
– Added the ability to change font size.
– Added the ability to change date format displayed.
– App performance improvements.
– App launches faster than ever.
– Added some weather icons.
– Date now reflects to your current region format.

Version 2.0

– More moods to choose from
– You can now import photos into your entries
– Ability to select a theme
– New full screen editing mode (Optional)
– Improved auto-saving
– Various bug fixes
– Slight design modifications

Version 1.0

– First Release


If you have any problems or want to seek further queries, please send a feedback at the application feedback page instead.


116 thoughts on “Personal Diary”

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Sorry, the app does not have any scribbling or drawing capabilities yet, but it’s planned in future updates. When that’s released, it’ll definitely include Apple Pencil support.

      I hope this answers your question! :)

    1. Hi Mary,

      Unfortunately, I do not have a similar app for Android, sorry about that.

      You may export your diary data for safekeeping via Personal Diary > Settings > Export Data.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi, about two years ago I asked if we could have the facility to block delete or export daily entries. You said you might think about it. Any progress that way? I would dearly love to reduce my diary down into year files for export then deletion to keep only this year active. Any chance?

        1. Hi Ken,

          Thank you for the comment.

          While you’re not able to access this functionality yet, the app internally supports multiple journals (and moving older years into separate journals) since version 2.5.8, so progress has been made.

          I’m currently working on perfecting it, and if possible, I’ll release this functionality in a future update by version 2.6. The option to bulk delete or export specific ranges of entries will be included as well.

          Thank you very much for using Personal Diary! :)

  1. Hello,

    The “Full Screen Editing” keeps resetting to “on” every-time I close the app.
    I like to have it turned off, but it won’t stay off…

    Also, under “Experimental Features” you have “Backup Data” but it says “Unavailable for use”

    Thanks, Richie

    1. Hi Mary,

      Yes, you can do that. The app should automatically sync content between devices by default, as long as both your iPhone and iPad are signed in to the same Apple ID, and has iCloud Drive turned on.

      Hope this helps! Feel free to reply if you have any additional questions.

    1. Hello Patti,

      Sorry, there’s a bug which causes the recovery tool to not function properly (a crucial alert does not show up).

      If you have authenticated via Touch ID, Face ID or your system password from within the app when you are trying to reset your diary passcode, the passcode should now be changed to 0000. Otherwise, there’re a few ways the recovery tool may prevent you from resetting your passcode.

      Since you have already sent me an email, we’ll continue the conversation there. Thanks!

    1. Hi Penny,

      You can configure text size and other related options by going to Personal Diary > Timeline > Settings > Entry Text. I think you’re looking for the Full Entry Text Size option, which would change the font size in the Entry page.

      Can you try changing that and see if it helps?

  2. Love this diary.
    I used iDo Pro for 6 yrs then it crashed and I was unable to reinstall it as no longer available in the App Store. I was devastated but found this diary to replace it and am delighted with it.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi I have contact Apple help and they referred me to you. I have upgraded to an iPhone 11 iOS 13.1 from iPhone 7 also 13.1 my diary was working fine for two years but now it has transferred it shows the same on both phones and my iPad iso 12 with mixed up events and incorrect dates . I can’t included a screen shot also the wrong year . I hope this helps and you can help me .
    Mechelle Farmer

    1. Hi Mechelle,

      Since we already an ongoing email thread, we’ll be communicating the details via email for the time being.

      Sorry for the inconveniences caused by the issue.

  4. I have upgraded to ios 13.1 and also had a new phone I phone 11 but when it transferred it has messed up as entries are all on one date eg today’s how do I get all my entries back?

  5. Hi there. Delighted to have found this app but as I’m doing it instead of FB entry, the thing I will
    Miss most about that is my memories that I can look back on from the previous years on that day. Can I search by date ?

    Kindest regards


    1. Hi Stephy,

      Yes, you can search contents by date. Just type your query into the Smart Search bar, such as today’s date “30 Aug” and it’ll show you all entries written on 30th of August at the top of the Timeline. You can type other queries like “June 2018” or “31/10” as you wish.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Hey. I just downloaded your app. When I was reading the description about all the features, I was getting so excited. It’s like, finally, after looking for 10 years, I’ve found the perfect diary/journal app. For an app this good, I thought, I would be willing to pay for all this. After downloading and making a few setting adjustments, I found the first thing, I thought, was missing. The option to pick your font. This is very important to me because the font says a lot about the persons personality. Overlooking that, I went to make my first entry. That’s when I discovered I couldn’t type in landscape mode. Total deal breaker. Please tell me this is coming in a future update and I will keep my eyes out. Other than those 2 issues, you’ve got a fabulous app.
    Congratulations on your app and good luck in the future!

    1. Hi Chrystal,

      Typing in landscape is supported, however autorotate is temporarily turned off by the app whenever you start typing (due to some other bugs that occur, I’ll fix them in another update). To type in landscape, dismiss the keyboard, rotate your phone, then relaunch the keyboard and continue typing.

      I’ll consider adding font options in a future release of the app.

      Also, the app is completely free, so you don’t need to pay for anything! :)

      Thanks for your feedback and hope this helps!

  7. Left you a great review on the App Store. I am learning iOS development. Clearly you have done a ton of work to get all these features into the app. And I love your approach of making it free while offering various tip amounts. Let me know if you want me to test new features. Thanks, Steve

  8. Love, love this app!!!! Ive never written in other diarys’. 15 yrs old? Brilliant!!
    I gave you money $$. I hope everyone gives you some money dep on wages etc.. who cant give 1.50 to
    5 dollars?? Come on people help him!!

    Can I please email you about ( or you email me) about an idea I think you might like? Its an idea no one else has done yet but its very needed.
    You seem very open, polite and friendly – very important, brilliant!! Its just an idea I am not trying to profit from anything at all.

  9. I love this app. Ive donated a big tip because I think young developers need our support. It’s simple but powerful. Everything I need to keep my thoughts and activities. I’d love to see a simple calendar built in to the app so I could dispense with separate calendars, tasks and reminders.

  10. Cool app Wern Jie! However, for extra security, I do NOT want this backed up into the cloud. Is there an option to turn all backup off and save only locally, on the phone?

    1. Hi Michael Smith,

      You can turn off iCloud Drive Sync by going into Personal Diary > Timeline > Settings >iCloud Drive and turn that off.

      Glad you liked the app, and hope this helps!

  11. Just a quick note to say thank you for this app. It meets my needs perfectly.
    I note you are only fifteen, I am in my seventies, I wish you a very happy and profitable future, I think you deserve it.

  12. I have your app on an iPad and iPhone with IOS 12. I also have a mini with IOS 9.3.5 and just installed an earlier version of your add. How can I sync it with the two devices with IOS 12? The iCloud button is on.

    1. Hi Rich,

      The app supports iOS 9 and later, so you should be able to get the latest version of the app on all three devices. If iCloud Drive is enabled on all devices, with the same iCloud account, and iCloud Drive is also enabled within Personal Diary settings, you shouldn’t need to do anything; it’ll eventually sync with each other.

      Hope this helps! If you have any further queries, feel free to reply.

  13. Hi had a problem with app I had turn of mobile data as it was using a over a gig a day some days. Thought I would let you know

    1. Hi Simon,

      This app “Personal Diary App (Journal)” that I’ve made barely uses mobile data. All data usage is forwarded to iCloud Drive instead of this app.

      Are you sure you’re referring to the correct Personal Diary app?

  14. Hi I just want to say this is excellent. I tried keeping Manuel diary but can’t read my own writing without extreme difficulty. I also have a lot of medical cal conditions and this app covers everything.thank you so much.

  15. This is the best diary app. I really like the new function with the weather, mood and comments. You really helped calm me down today and laugh at myself. Thank you, keep up the good work.

  16. Great app ! – couple of requests :on the timeline page can the date format be changed to day and date – eg Wed 6th June. That way I can quickly check my weekend entries. At the moment it is only June 6.

    Also I would on occasions like to download my diary to pdf or text etc – is that possible ?

    Many thanks for a great app

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your feedback. I’ll include these functionalities (date format & exporting) in a future update of the app.

      Hope this helps! :)

        1. Hi Ken,

          The backup is accessible by downloading Personal Diary on any other iOS device signed in to the same iCloud account. It will automatically be synced to that device once the app is opened.

          As of now, there isn’t a method to access the data other than using an iOS device with Personal Diary installed.

          1. I’m sorry I’m not making myself clear, l have Personal Diary installed on my iPad, it is synced to my iCloud account.
            How do I access my diary data in iCloud? Where is it ?
            Sorry to be so dense, not too IT savvy.
            Thanks Ken

          2. Hi Ken,

            Sorry, it is not possible to manually access the data via iCloud (i.e. it is hidden), only the Personal Diary app can read that data in your iCloud account.

            Hope this helps! :)

          3. Ok I get that. So I guess if this pad crashes I reload the diary app on another device. Will my old data be reloaded?
            While thinking about your app, it would be useful to be able to print diary data. ( another form of backup)

          4. Hi Ken,

            Yes, you got that right. The old data will be downloaded onto the other device with Personal Diary installed.

            Thank you for your feedback. I’ll add printing functionality into a future version of the app as many users have requested. :)

  17. I have been using your diary for some time but have just encountered a problem. The message that comes up is ‘there is an error when saving’ and it then freezes on me and I can’t get back to my entries or the time line. I am working on an iPad with OS 11.2.6. Please can you advise me what to do.

    1. Hi,

      After our conversation in email, I’ll take that this issue has been resolved.

      Thank you for using Personal Diary!

      If you have any problems, feel free to contact me again.

  18. I have just come across your Personal Diary which I think is fantastic . Simple and easy to use with the added bonus of NO ADVERTISEMENT.
    Do you have an Android version of this app as I would like to use it on my Samsung phone?

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Sorry, as of now, there isn’t an Android version of the app as it’s still being developed.

      Your email has also been replied.

      Glad you liked the app! :)

  19. Hi,
    I really like this app.
    I have a question: does the app allow us to export our diary entries to the computer.

    I also have a list of improvements, I would you to make please:
    1) allow us to choose more emojis, can you put all the emojis
    2) allows us to export and save our entries to the computer

    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      The app currently does not support exporting but it’s scheduled for release on version 2.5.

      I’ll also include “Custom emoji selection” in future releases of the app.

      Thank you for using the app! :)

  20. hello I use the application Diary and since the update yesterday this application does not work well I can not open my notes it appears “downloading” but it does not show

    1. Hi Leyla,

      First of all, sorry for your experience with the app.

      FYI, the updating of the app to version 2.4.1 has nothing to do with the “downloading” status. It has not been changed since the feature is released on version 2.3

      You may force a download by “pull down to refresh”.

      Do also check your storage and see if you still have any more space.

      It also downloads in the background, so when it’s ready, you’ll see all your entries appear.

  21. Hi, before I download this App is it possible to print certain days, pages et cetera … sometimes it’s thoughts of the day which is nice to get hard copies of.

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Sorry, it is not yet possible to print the entries as of version 2.4.1. This feature has been scheduled for version 2.5, once it’s ready.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  22. Further to my previous suggestions of 15SEP17.

    I seem to remember that when I set my Passcode there was no ‘Verify’ step.
    It would be so easy to absent-mindedly fluff a single attempt and then be unable to log-in. Not so much a problem for a new ‘install’ and could be solved w/- a delete app and re-download. But, if changing a Passcode, this could be a distaster. I haven’t (dared) to try this step yet, but if here isn’t that verify step, then it would be a very good idea to provide it.


    Hope that helps.

    M Davies

  23. Nice app! Have used it to replace the usual scribbled holiday journal.

    In particular, I like the synch aspect.
    Have you thought of an OSX version?

    Thoughts (in reverse order)
    1: Could you arrange for the colour scheme to have a couple or so options.
    2: Could the date /calendar icon have a time shown and be available in a pure text version. Also, maybe an option to make the icon smaller.
    3: Mainly, could the journal be exportable to say, DOC, CSV, PDF, etc?

    Hope this helps.

    Keep up the good work!


  24. Hello,
    I have been using this app for almost 4 months and I like it very much, it’s simple and easy to use.
    May I suggest some improvements.
    It would be useful if the icon which displayes the date and the month also shows the day of the week.
    Also some sort of search facility would be good so you can find a diary entry on a particular subject or key word.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your feedback. I will try to include that in a next update.

      Just so you know, you can easily search keywords by typing quotes on the search bar like so:
      “Birthday” “Adam”

      Or attempt to find a topic by typing:
      Adam Birthday 2017

      Hope this helps!

  25. I just logged in to find all my entries have vanished. I am very upset about this. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there a way to get them back?

    1. Hi Raven,

      Sorry for your experience with the app. Can you please check if you recently changed your iCloud account settings? If so, turn Diary on in Settings > iCloud Account > iCloud, which usually fixes the problem.

      Please let me know if it works, thanks.

  26. Help please! I love this app and ha e so much recorded. Last night I changed the passcode and despite confirming, the passcode now (next day) doesn’t work.
    It’s now a 9 digit number Is that too many characters? Or have i just lost everything?

    1. Never mind last post. I downloaded the app on another device, entered my passcode and all my journal entires were there . So I deleted the app from the first device, powered on/off and redownloaded it…now the passcode works and I again have access to all my journal entries. I’m guessing I locked myself out and needed to power on/off to reset.

  27. I read about you and your work in the Star Newspaper today. Then I downloaded your Personal Diary app. It is simple to use just like the Notes App that comes with iPhone. I think I will enjoy using this Diary app. I wish you all the best. And thank you for creating stuff that people find useful.

  28. The version 2.2 was insalled automaticly last night. This norning imy passcode no longer works so i can’t enter any thing”

  29. I am enjoying this journal because I am suffering from rare form of cancer and decided to do daily updates and pain progress from treatment.
    I have tried to find a way of transferring or synching with my new phone an i6s but cannot even though this is Apple I pad.
    So please can you help me

  30. Dear Wern,
    I just downloaded you app and it’s seems a great app and easy to use! Love your ideas in this app. Unfortunately I didn’t see any way to share and to backup… I’m afraid to move all my old notes to this app…
    Backup it’s very important to me…
    Many thanks and keep up the good work!

  31. I’ve just started useing this and am impressed with layout and NO ADDS. Thank you and I’m sure I’ll comment along the way!!! Keep it up young man!!!

  32. I’m 67 years old and trying to leave a diary to my son and grandchilldren so they can read my experiences and laugh or cry with me. I found your app. And I love it, perfect for me. Am amazed how young you were to develope this, I am very proud of you!
    Thank you so much,Woody

  33. Dear Wern I have been using the personal dairy for sometime. It is a wonderful gift . Thank you. But just read your account on Star. You are a marvelous child and very precious gift to your parents and to society. God loves you and has a purpose in your life. May God bless you

  34. Hi! I love this app, but it won’t load anymore. It would open and let me put in my password, then it begins to load, and well it shuts off and send me straight back to the homescreen. I don’t want to reinstall the app because im afraid to lose all my entries, I really want to keep them.

        1. Hi Diana,
          Please go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnosis & Usage, then:

          1. Tap ‘Automatically Send’
          2. Tap ‘Share with App Developers’
          3. Go back to Personal Diary, type your password. This will send the crash report to me, allowing me to understand the problem.
  35. I love the app but just one problem sometimes I could not open it just go back to the home screen and I wasn’t able to open it. And on top of that every time I made a new entry then close it out then reopened it it was gone. But overall my personal entries are kept private.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, you cannot print your entires as this app is designed for private use. I will try implementing this feature in the next few updates.

  36. I really like this app!! I have used it for two days now any its better than any other diary-notebook i’ve ever used!! I love the simplicity and the features!! And only 12!! You are amazing!!

  37. Hello. My name is Nhung.
    I used your app “Daily” for a month.
    I think it very good.
    Icon system very cute and very easy use it to save memories of my life.
    Thank for your app.
    I hope you can create many things better than app Daily in future!

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