Privacy Policy for Apps

This Privacy Policy is adopted to explain what information is collected from apps made by me, and how this information is used.

These apps automatically collect or use certain information as shown below.

For most apps, these might be collected for the purpose of improving the app, such as

  • Your device type
  • Your device’s operating system
  • Your device’s operating system’s version
  • App usage analytics
  • App crash reports

Additional information for apps with advertisements,

  • Apps that serves Google Ads doesn’t have access to your Google activity as all ads are sandboxed within the app. Some collected data by Google might still be stored in the app’s ad sandbox when you tap/click on ads.
  • Apps that serve customised ads (ads that are served by me, identifiable by this website’s icon Large Blog Image ) will not collect any data whatsoever.
  • Relevant apps in this category:
    • –No Apps Yet–

Additional information for apps that are designed to store personal data,

  • No data is sent or transferred outside of the app, unless you did it yourself.
  • Your data might be processed on the spot to serve slightly personalised ads (no data will be sent out of the app). Next, these apps will serve ads hosted by me (identifiable through this website’s icon, which looks like this: Large Blog Image), which (as stated above) does not collect any data. Those ad identification data previously mentioned is then immediately purged (deleted). Third-party ads will not be served as I value your privacy.
  • Relevant apps in this category:
    • Personal Diary

Additional info for apps that use services that might contain personal data,

  • No data is collected without your permission.
  • Ads won’t be served based on external 3rd party services.
  • Ads hosted by me also won’t be served based on your data.
  • Relevant apps in this category:
    • WakeUp Alarm (Apple Health)

All collected information are not shared to third-parties.


Last Updated: 24 April 2017