Privacy Policy for Apps

This Privacy Policy is adopted to explain what information is collected from apps made by me, and how this information is used.

Thereafter in this Privacy Policy, “App”/”Application” refer to applications I made, “You”/”Your”/”User” refers to the user of the app, and “I”/”me”/”we”/”us” refer to me

These apps automatically collect or use certain information as shown below.

For most apps, these might be collected, either automatically or manually, for the purpose of improving the app, such as

  • Your device type
  • Your device’s operating system
  • Your device’s operating system’s version
  • App usage analytics
  • App crash reports
  • Anonymous information about how you use the app, which section of the app you entered, what elements of the app have you interacted with etc.
  • Additional anonymous information about you collected automatically by Google Firebase and/or Google Analytics (data points may include all above analytics information plus gender, demographics, interests etc.) for relevant apps.

Additional information for apps with advertisements,

  • Apps that serves Google Ads may serve personalised ads based on your Google activity, which is up to Google to decide upon which ads to serve. The apps do not allow Google to access your data.
  • Apps that serve customised ads by me may or may not be personalised, with anonymous information provided by Google Firebase/Analytics.

Additional information for apps that are designed to store/access personal data,

  • No data is sent or transferred outside of the app without your consent.
  • Any analytics/diagnostic information will not contain any personal data created/saved by the user.
  • If analytics/diagnostic information contains any other data (such as location etc.), it’ll not contain any information with a high degree of traceable information (eg. location will be rounded off to ±1° lat/long (~100km) of precision)
  • External 3rd party services will NOT be able to access any data you personally store.
  • Relevant apps in this category:
    • Personal Diary
      • storing personal data
      • including camera or photo library data in-app
      • accessing user location (GPS/IP tracking) to determine weather
    • Phone Security Alarm
      • recording camera footage without indication during an alarm
      • recording user location via GPS without indication during an alarm
      • setting camera or photo library data as wallpaper
    • WakeUp Alarm
      • exporting sleep data to Apple Health
    • Walkie Talkie
      • accessing and broadcasting microphone audio to other approved users
    • EZ Ruler
      • showing camera footage as viewfinder for AR
    • Countdown
      • setting camera or photo library data as wallpaper
    • NUS High Helper
      • using WiFi and GPS data to locate you within NUS High compound.
      • downloads data that are only accessible to NUS High Office 365 accounts.
      • reads your emails to extract Forms which can be filled in.
      • using your camera to verify e-StudentIDs.

    All collected information are not shared to third-parties.

    This Privacy Policy may be updated without informing you or verification of your consent, and the usage of apps will be deemed as agreeing to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

    Last Updated: 21 Apr 2019