Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is adopted to explain what information is collected from this website, and how this information is used.

This website collects two kinds of information: The information that you provide which personally identifies you and information that does not personally identify you which is automatically collected when you visit this website.

1) The collected information:

Personal identifiable information:

  • Name (if provided by you)
  • Email (if provided by you)

Non-identifiable personal information:

  • Your IP address:
  • Your estimated location:
  • Your device’s browser’s name:
  • Your device’s system name:
  • The specific areas you visited on this site.

2) How your information is used & shared:

Personal identifiable information:

  • Name: Identifies you from others.
  • Name: Displays who you are in Comment sections of the website.
  • Email: To contact you if needed, not displayed publicly.

Non-identifiable personal information:

  • Device Browser & OS: For statistics purposes.
  • IP address: Finds out the approximate location of your device, mainly for statistics.
  • IP address: Checks & blocks (if necessary) visitors are bots or spammers.
  • IP address: Calculates & displays the statistics of this website.


I do not share, distribute, or reveal any information that is not shared with any third-parties. These information is kept secure on this website and only this website. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please exit this site.

Note that while no information collected by me on this site is not provided to third-parties, some additional data points may be collected by plugins installed, namely Google Analytics.

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