Walkie Talkie P2P (iOS)

Talk with nearby devices without the Internet!

Walkie Talkie P2P – No Internet Required

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Developer: Wern
Latest Version: 1.3.1
Most Downloaded in: USA

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Looking for a Walkie Talkie app that works *offline* without sending data over the Internet, unlike other similar apps on the App Store? Here’s one! It works as long as you have both WiFi & Bluetooth on and within range of other devices. All devices connect effortlessly with peer-to-peer technology or via your Local Area Network (LAN). You can even leave it running in the background!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the specifications carefully before your download – This app transmits data directly over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology has limits in areas like range. It does NOT work like Internet-based Walkie-Talkie apps that can function anywhere with an Internet connection.

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For maximum performance, this app requires all users having the same iOS version and same app version. It usually maintains a good performance when the device is within 10 meters (33 feet) with no obstructions, such as very thick concrete walls, or interference from other electronics like a microwave. However, these ranges can still be extended via LAN if all users are connected to the same LAN over Wi-Fi access points spread across multiple locations. Alternatively, good line-of-sight in open space or device models with newer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth versions also can increase range.

Feature Set & Specifications:
– Fully Offline & Private – No connection to the Internet is made
– Connect up to 8 devices in a group together
– Connect via existing Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)
– Connect via Peer-to-Peer (Ad-hoc) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
– Zero-Configuration connection – Just tap “Allow”
– Remembers allowed connections: No confirmation needed when reconnecting
– 10 meters (33 feet) minimum unobstructed range with peer-to-peer connection
– Extra range available via WLAN (e.g. workplaces with multiple Wi-Fi access points)
– Broadcast Voice Messages with Push-to-Talk*
– Broadcast Text Messages
– Audio input/output picker to select your preferred audio source
– Can continue running in the background or when locked
– No Ads, No Tracking

If the above features and specifications are what you’re looking for, get the app today!

*Push-to-Talk only available on-screen. Third-party Push-to-Talk hardware is not yet supported.

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– Ensure that you have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, have Microphone and Local Network access allowed to use the app. For best background use, also allow access to send Notifications.

– To use Peer-to-Peer connections, ensure all devices have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. The app will automatically decide the protocols to use to directly connect to the other device.

– To operate over WLAN connections, ensure all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi networks sharing the same Local Area Network. The app should automatically switch over to using LAN as long as the Wi-Fi access points and routers do not block Bonjour discovery and inter-device communication.

– Good performance is maintained when all devices are in a 10 meter range if they are connected via peer-to-peer. Otherwise, messages might be delayed before receiving or might not receive anything at all. This is due to limitations of the peer-to-peer technology used – remember, the app doesn’t send data through the Internet to increase the range like other apps.

– Earphone/headphone/earbud buttons to control the walkie talkie is not yet supported, as Apple guidelines appear to disallow using the volume buttons to control the walkie-talkie, while the current run-in-background implementation that allows audio playback from other apps prohibits the ability to intercept the play/pause button. This may be later introduced as a toggle in the future if you are fine with preventing third party music/video from playing audio.

– Using third-party push-to-talk hardware is not yet supported as I’m not able to find a standardised method to detect pushes. If anyone is keen to provide info, feel free to let me know!

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If you have any problems or want to seek further queries, please send a feedback at the application feedback page instead, and I’ll assist you over email.

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21 thoughts on “Walkie Talkie P2P (iOS)”

  1. Very good implementation . I was thinking to develop an app to be able use at mortorcicle as intercom. One suggestion could be a feature that you press only once and comunication start at both devices to talk and listen simultaneously like a call. Than is not necessary press any button. But I don’t know how it will work if a call from cell ring for example

    1. Hi Mac,

      Apologies for any confusion – you are right, the app currently requires push-to-talk and has no “always-on” option like a phone call for hands-free use. I’ll be working on implementing the latter in future updates.

  2. Can you make it hands free for communicating with driver and passenger during a motorcycle ride?

    1. Hey there, that is the question i ve been looking for if someone suggested before, it would be great to see such an update!

  3. Hi all,

    Sorry for the really late response. Most of your questions are now answered in a new FAQ section at this page. Do check it out or let me know if you have any additional queries!

  4. I was hoping this app could operate as a Walkie Talkie between two bicycle
    riders with earbuds and hands free. That would be a good upgrade for bikers or motorcyclists.

  5. Cool app. I’ve been looking for something this. I just purchased but I have not tested it yet. Along with talk can users also IM with each other?

  6. Hello
    Just downloaded the application, works fine. Is it possible to use the ears set push button to send a message? Thanks, ariel