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Developer: Wern Jie
Latest Version: 1.0.5


WZP for iPad (formerly WhatZapp) allows you to use WhatsApp both on more than one device. Send WZP messages with a familiar interface.

To connect, just scan the QR code via your phone.

– No ads, no hidden costs.
– Easy one time setup.
– Your WZP messages are synced with WhatsApp messages on your phone.
– Send messages, emojis and photos to anyone!
– Open links in a separate browser.
– No space wasted with “double banners” that other apps have.

NOTE: Your phone needs an active internet connection to sync messages with your iPad. To reduce data usage, please connect your phone to Wi-Fi.

**This is not an application by WhatsApp Inc. and is not affiliated with the company.

**All trademarks are of their respective owners, e.g. WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc.


If you have any problems, please send a feedback at the application feedback page. You could be anonymous if you want.

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31 thoughts on “WZP for iPad”

  1. Hi

    Where can I see the pdf file that is downloaded?
    I received a note that the file was downloaded but I can’t see anything

        1. Hi,

          Click on the “Download on the App Store” button above on this page while in your iPad, and you should be redirected to the App Store, allowing you to tap “Update” to perform an update.

          Can you try that?

  2. Prezados,

    Uma vez conectado ao whatsapp, como faço pra baixar ou dowload dos arquivo de voz?

    Consigo baixar uma plataforma no pc e vincular ao link do dispositivo ou seja conecta R o dispositivo no pc e baixar vídeo áudios e fotos?

    Consigo extrair as conversar tb em texto txt ou Excel

    1. Hi Paulo,

      Thanks for your reply. Sorry for your experience with the app. This functionality was previously included, but it appears that for now the ability to download voice messages, pictures and files are broken. Thanks for helping me find out this problem and I will fix that in the next update.

      (Obrigado pela sua resposta. Lamentamos a sua experiência com a aplicação. Esta funcionalidade foi incluída anteriormente, mas parece que, por enquanto, o download de mensagens de voz, imagens e arquivos estão quebrados. Obrigado por me ajudar a descobrir este problema e vou corrigir isso na próxima atualização.)

    1. Sorry for your experience with the app.

      I don’t speak Russian, so I usually translate messages into English. Unfortunately, your message could not be translated properly with Google Translate. Can you please explain the problem in English instead? Thanks.

  3. Почему нечего не работает у вас на ватсабе ! У меня iPad 4 , iOS 10.02 загрузил предложение ваше и все стоит нечего не включается

  4. If i update Whatzapp to the new version for iOS 10, do i have to re-login / sign up again?
    or it would automatically reload my credentials.

      1. Спасибо, что работаете над приложением, что там нет рекламы! Но после выхода вашего обновления всё равно программа не работает.. При попытке добавить фото в сообщение, она просто закрывается, пользоваться невозможно..

        1. Hi Татьяна Татьяна,

          Sorry for your experience. Thanks for informing me about the newer issue. Again, this is a iOS 10 Safari Engine issue, but I will try to fix the problem.

      2. Thank you for your quick reply and the continuous effort to update the app.
        I have an issue with downloading voice messages. it keeps loading and before the message is downloaded, the page refreshes and reloads.

  5. I am currently on iOS 10.0 .2., iPad Pro 9.7. The application no longer works properly. I open it and start chatting with someone, but within two minutes the screen goes blank and all I have is white background. The only way I can get back to the conversations is to force close the app and then open it again. But then I experience the same problem. Is this user error or does there need to be an update to the app?

    1. Как долго ждать обновления?? Уже почти месяц прошёл и ничего не исправлено..!

      1. Sorry for the overdue update. There’s just one problem: the (new?) iOS 10 Safari engine itself is causing problems, not the app itself, therefore, it isn’t easy to fix this problem.

  6. После обновления до ios 10, у меня не работает приложение, пожалуйста исправьте! Невозможно ничего написать, весь экран просто белый.

  7. Hello programmers. Add the option to automatically download attachments,photos,videos. Scrolling contacts,messages – smooth

  8. Boa tarde!
    Poderia me ajudar pois no meu iPad com iOS 9.3.2 a tela do app está branca parece que travou.